The Diary (Entry #1)

So this post is something a little special.DSCN6658.JPG

It’s my first writing post!

I want this blog to be one massive reflection of who I am, and so as well as talking about topics that interest me, I want to show off my creativity.  I started that off a few days ago with my newest segment showcasing my photography, and now I want to extend that to my writing too.

This first piece is one that I wrote over a year ago.  The day I finished my second year at university actually.

It was the first bit of writing I’d done for a while that I’d written purely for the fun of it, rather than for the purpose of an assignment.  Excited about the prospect of writing something fresh, I came up with this idea of a diary written from the perspective of a guy that had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Not overly original I suppose, and not too uplifting either (which is something not uncommon in a great deal of my writing).  I decided to approach it in a more unusual way, however, to try and breathe new life into the concept.

I suppose all there is to say is I hope you enjoy it, and if there’s any interest then I may continue to post more of this story.  It’s definitely something I really got into when I was writing it!

Due to the formatting of this piece (i.e. the use of footnotes), I’ve had to screenshot the writing and then post it into here as images, rather than text.  Apologies if the quality doesn’t seem 100%.

Diary (1).png

Diary (2).png

Diary (3).png

One thought on “The Diary (Entry #1)

  1. What an interesting character! I love stories that focus on the development of a psyche. And doing it in a diary form is an interesting idea; you’ve got loads to work with there, I can’t wait to see what happens. Keep it up!


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