Weekly Pics: 15th – 21st August

After some spur of the moment photography last week, I’m going for more of a throwback affair this time around.

I’ve been a bit of a hermit this week and hardly left the house.  Bad, I know, but now that the Olympics has sadly finished, I’ve got lots of exciting opportunities ahead of me.

This week’s photographs were taken almost 8 months ago now.

I was up in Cumbria for a few days visiting my best friend before we moved back to uni for our 2nd semester.  Whilst I was there we took a trip to Dalton Zoo.

Now, my feelings about zoos are always fairly mixed.

Although I do enjoy seeing all these animals that I’d probably never have the opportunity to see otherwise, I hate the idea of them being taken away from their natural habitats just for the sake of giving people something to gawk at.  The treatment of animals in zoos can sometimes be questionable (not to say that they’re all badly looked after because I know for the most part that they’re not), and there is always a debate about the pros and cons of keeping them in captivity.

I digress.

Despite my mixed feelings, I still had a brilliant time at Dalton zoo (even if the free-roaming birds freaked me out) and took a fair few photos that I’m pretty happy with.






Queen of Hearts



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