A Poet? Didn’t Know It…

If you’d asked me 3 years ago what I was least looking forward to come the start of university it would probably have been poetry.

No.  Scratch that…it would definitely have been poetry.

It’s safe to say that it wasn’t my favourite form of writing, partly because I didn’t understand it, and also because I felt my skills were lacking when it came to writing it.

Fast forward to the end of my degree and suddenly it’s not so bad.

Below is a collection of some of the poems I included in my final year portfolio.

The theme I focused on was ‘Utopia to Dystopia’, and this was reflected in the content and structure of the poems, as well as the ongoing narrative throughout the portfolio.

Online was something I was inspired to write after going through so many conversations that always seemed to pan out the same way.  Recollection Memoir, on the other hand, was written as a stream of consciousness.  I put pen to paper and wrote whatever came into my head for two uninterrupted minutes.

The final poem, Extracted, was created by random selection after browsing through an anthology and picking 14 lines that caught my eye.




Hey x



last seen 7:43pm





last seen 10pm



How are you? 🙂





last seen 10:09




oh hey

i’m fine


last seen 11:32pm

Recollection Memoir

shone down memories of youth running wild in the

howl of a wolf where the water crystal and

picture framed to a light without fear that

in the grass and in the shadows over by

the blood that we don’t know the

frozen recollection in the night emerge with

streets turned to grain where the tunnel ends from

my heart by the lake harboured for

what we pass by in remembrance of the children.


So so fragile

the lesson we can each-

I have nothing to say!

I fear I can no longer think

& I have not been able to divide.

He says he hates me

the heart is thus flexible

yet such a gesture might be taken to mean any number of things

On that side of the river

with the devil –

such an idea in man’s image.

All things are made bitter;

birds caught in blocks of ice

the faster I travel.

2 thoughts on “A Poet? Didn’t Know It…

  1. ‘Online’ is one of my favourite poems ever. It speaks absolute volumes and it’s only a few words. So much depth to it. I love your minimalist poems, though your longer ones are so elegant that I love them too. They’ve got such a nice flow to them and the words just roll of the tongue.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I feel like ‘Online’ is a poem that would resonate with a lot of people…most of us have been in that situation unfortunately. Glad that you like my poetry, it’s not something I always feel that confident about 🙂


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