A Secret Poet

After receiving some positive feedback towards my poetry a few days ago, I thought I’d upload some more to see what people think.

These poems are all from the same portfolio that my previous ones were in, so the dystopian theme is present in these too.

Abstraction was written in 5 stanzas, with each focusing on one vowel and the different sounds it can create.  As the name suggests, it’s one of the most abstract poems I’ve ever written and is part of why I’ve started to find a love for poetry that I’ve never known before.

Signposts was constructed partly by using my own creative writing, but also using various signs I came across in the Lake District whilst on holiday earlier on in the year.  The aim was to create an image between the two forms of writing, with the hope of a narrative developing throughout the piece.

The final poem, Who Wants To Know?, was written one night when I was short of ideas for how to pad out my portfolio.  After consulting a list of ideas for how to make innovative poetry, I decided to create one posed entirely of questions.  I was interested on working with pacing in this one, trying to build up tension through the structure of the content.


Abstract Attract

all avant art

amass brass

Empty entry

Encrypt envy

enter trends

Idyll imply

odd or old

on or off

ochry monsoon


umm ugh

ugly runt



Red Squirrels


Path obstructed in the darkness

Broken view on the horizon

Where are you headed?

No Parking please

Passing place

A stranger in the mist

The world a broken mirror

Where is your home?


Camping Park



Conflicted thoughts building a wall




There is no forwards to the backwards

Up is but an endless road down

Are you alive?






Puddles filling potholes in the road

Lights on in a telephone box


Vehicles obstructing

the road beyond this point

may be towed away


Who Wants To Know?

What is she wearing?

What am I wearing?

Which of us is in the wrong?

Why am I so narcissistic?

Why am I asking?

Who am I asking?

Is this going anywhere?

What’s on the TV tonight?

Will we watch the news again?

When is it on?

What about the weather?

Will it rain tonight?

If it does, will it stop?

Will we drown?

Will it be quick?

Will it matter?

Will we live to fight another day?

Is that what we deserve?

Why do we continue to fight?

How much longer can we go on for?

When is a good time to call it quits?

Is it now?

What do I know?

What do any of us know?

Is it over yet?

When will it end?


If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, will someone plant another?

*header image taken by Felix E. Guerrero at https://www.flickr.com/photos/loauc/

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