A Note On: The Kardashian Robbery

I was shocked into silence yesterday when I read about the attack on Kim Kardashian in Paris.

For those that don’t know, Kim was robbed by five armed gunmen in a Parisian hotel who broke into the building under the guise of policeman.  Kim was held at gunpoint and then tied up in her bathroom whilst the robbers made away with over £8.5 million worth of jewellery.

Thankfully Kim was not physically hurt during the robbery, but the event will most likely leave the reality star with long-lasting emotional and psychological trauma.  Something that can be difficult to overcome when you’re such a major focus of the public eye.

Whilst I may not be Kim’s biggest fan (she and the Kardashians are people I love to hate), I would never in a million years wish harm on her.  I can’t say I’m surprised that something like this has happened given how heavily documented her affluence is, but whether you like her or not, she didn’t deserve this.

No-one deserves this.

But that’s not what has truly gotten to me.  Rather it’s the reaction from people online after they found out what had happened overnight in Paris.

The reaction from the trolls.

Kim K is like Marmite; you love her or you hate her.  Either way she’s harmless, no matter how much you may dislike her for the way she became famous, the quality of her reality shows, or any other reason you can think of.  Yet people thought it okay to go online and voice the feeling that the robbers should’ve done worse to Kim.  That they should have hurt her, or raped her, or even killed her.

What kind of a world is this where saying that is okay?

It doesn’t matter who was in that room being robbed, it is not okay to go around saying stuff like that.  It makes you no better than the people that committed this offence in the first place.

‘She poses naked/semi-naked for a lot of photos’ therefore justifies saying she deserved to be sexually assaulted…no it does not.

People nowadays take so much enjoyment out of abusing the anonymity the internet provides.  Virtually no-one throwing this bile at Kim would actually say these words to her face, they’d be too afraid of the repercussions.  And if they were brave enough to do so?  Well…I think that just says a lot about them doesn’t it.

I’m trying to keep myself level-headed and not blow off a lot of steam about slut shaming and wishing pain on someone, but this whole incident acts as a perfect example of what is wrong with modern society.  No-one should be told they didn’t deserve to come out alive from an incident as traumatic as that, especially just because you don’t like them.

Kim Kardashian is a reality star that rose to fame from a sex tape.  Kim Kardashian is also a wife and mother of two young children.

If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

Also for anyone insinuating that the robbery was staged, have some faith in humanity for once please.  Not everything is a publicity stunt.

If it turns out that it wasn’t real then I hold my hands up and lose all respect for Kim, but even she is not too shallow to go through with that.

Now please let her have some peace.

*header image taken by Yusuf C at https://www.flickr.com/photos/90326842@N00/

4 thoughts on “A Note On: The Kardashian Robbery

  1. Here here. I was absolutely disgusted to see people on twitter saying she deserved worse than what she got – absolutely sickened.

    Trolls who get a kick out of others’ misery need to be examined for psychosis!

    You’re right, she might be hated but that doesn’t mean she deserves any pain. I worry for humanity sometimes.

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    1. Exactly! I just don’t see how people think they’re any better than those that are doing this when they go around saying people deserve to be raped and murdered. Just because you’re not actually doing it to them doesn’t mean that you’re in the right.


  2. I agree so much with this! Regardless of whether you like her or not, she is a human being. I feel like if you took away her name people would care without any questions asked, although because of who she is, people thinks its okay to not care. Personally I don’t like her, but I would never wish this upon anyone. People need to stop treating celebrities like they’re not people, they are just like us.

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