Weekly Pics: 10th – 16th October

With today’s photo post I want to take it back a couple of years to my long weekend away in February 2014.

It was my first time staying in a different part of the Lake District, but as always the area was just as beautiful as where I normally visit on holiday.  I was only up there for the weekend as I was midway through the second semester of my first year at university.  This turned out to be for the best, because as soon as I left the bad weather came in.

My parents were staying there for a full week and I received frequent updates about flooding, loss of electricity, etc.  If I had left just one day later I would have been unable to make it to the train station due to the river alongside the cottage bursting its banks.  Thankfully the conditions were somewhat better when the time came for my parents to go home.

Going to the Lake District has been a tradition in my family since before I was born.  There hasn’t been a year gone by when I’ve been alive that we haven’t visited there at least once.  When I started university I was worried that that would be the end of my holidays there, even though I was a lot closer to the Lakes living in the North West than I ever was in the East.  Fortunately, luck was on my side and to this day the tradition has yet to be broken.

So please enjoy the photos I took during my long weekend in the Lake District.  That visit was probably the first time I started to take my landscape photography seriously.  Since then I never come home from holiday with less than 500 photos!

Up Ahead









With a View



Rolling Mountains


Washed Away

Cold Landscape


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