Spookémon Go

Image by Brenda Clarke at https://www.flickr.com/photos/brnda-starr/

I was quite surprised the other day to get a notification on my phone telling me that the Halloween event for Pokemon Go was live.

In recent weeks I haven’t gone on the app much, and when I did it was more of an ‘I’m out so I may as well have it on’ rather than a ‘let’s go out with the intention of playing’ situation.  I hadn’t heard of any plans for a Halloween event so the notification certainly peaked my curiosity, so sure enough I decided to check it out.

Running from October 26th to November 1st, the event provides players with greater opportunities to catch ghost-types like Gastly and its evolutions which aren’t as common as other Pokémon (here’s looking at you, Weedle).  Not only that, but players also receive double the amount of candy for any Pokémon caught, as well as any that your Buddy finds after walking so far a distance.

Whilst seemingly a small change for an app that’s dwindling in player numbers, the event is actually a refreshing twist given the lack of a major update for the 3 month+ old game.  It’s short time limit is an incentive for people to pick up their phones and play it now rather than later, and it can potentially encourage them to get back into the flow of playing it.  Furthermore, it makes the app more enjoyable by increasing some of the rarer Pokémon that you can find.  As someone who lives in an area that doesn’t often get many different Pokémon outside of the common ones, it’s nice to have more of a variety right outside my door without having to travel somewhere more populated.

Whilst this event in no way acts as a sufficient update for the game, it does make the real world aspect more credible by tying in the bonuses with major holidays.  Other apps like The Simpsons Tapped Out get a lot of their popularity by creating special events that correlate with the time of the year, meaning that the developers of Pokémon Go are onto a winner here.  This Halloween special paves the way for future holiday events like Christmas and Easter that can potentially be longer and more rewarding for the dedicated player.  They’ll undoubtedly increase the player numbers every time, even if only for a short while, giving the app enough of a boost to keep its momentum alive whilst the developers continue to push out major updates.

Image by Shannon at https://www.flickr.com/photos/phantomm_/

Even if you only play it once, this Halloween event is still worth checking out.  I was able to hit triple digits on my Pokédex yesterday thanks to the increase in candy rewards that allowed me to evolve my Haunter and Meowth into Gengar and Persian respectively.  Whilst the weather at this time of year may not be ideal for walking around outside for great lengths of time, you’d be surprised at what you might still be able to get just from sitting in your living room.

So go check out the special event today whilst it’s still on and see if you can’t find some benefit from the rewards.  When the next big update rolls out and you find yourself interested in the game again, you’re gonna wish you hadn’t missed out on great chances like this one!

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