Weekly Pics: 24th – 30th October

It’s landscape month (well month and a bit) here on my blog as the next five weeks of photo posts will look back on my various holidays to the Lake District.

I figured it would make sense to tie this in with my visit to the Lakes that I’m going on on Friday, photos of which will be posted during the last two weekends of November.  My back catalogue of landscape photography is quite expansive, and these photos are some of the only ones left that I haven’t already shared on here, so I thought why not just make a month out of it.  I definitely need to go out and start taking some more photographs after this though.

This week’s photos are a collection taken around 2010-2013 before I had the DSLR camera that all my previous photos were taken on.  Naturally, the quality of these photos aren’t as good as those that I have shown before, but I still think they’re worth displaying on here.

These photographs were shot when I was first becoming interested in photography, particularly landscape photography, so I always look to them to see how I’ve improved and remind myself why I care so much about this art form.

Before The Storm

Lake District 2.JPG




Stepping Stones

Front Lawn


Lakeside Mist



Early Morning Haze





Lake District 58.JPG

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