I know that this post is probably coming out a lot later than I may have previously suggested but there is a reason.  I have scheduled it to be released whilst I am on holiday in the Lake District, and given that this place was the whole focus and inspiration for this poem I figured it made sense to wait.

So as I mentioned in my last poetry post this is all about my EPIC poem that I wrote as part of my second year portfolio.  It’s one that I feel quite strongly about, partly because it covers the selling of the countryside for the sake of development.  Having seen a great deal of deforestation, both in the Lake District and in the village that I live in, I can get quite passionate about wanting to defend the countryside and so I tried to reflect that in this poem.

Another reason that I feel very strongly in this poem is because it’s the first time where I really let loose and tried to be as unique and creative with the art form as possible.  The poem has more of a narrative than a lot of my other works which is something I don’t always focus on, and is also a great deal more referential to real locations.  Normally I tend to be quite vague when it comes to setting so I hope that being specific in this poem makes it a lot stronger.

I am aware that this poem will not appeal to many people because of its style, after all it took me several years of studying the form to appreciate the work that was more ‘out there’.  However, there is nothing that would stop me feeling as proud of this poem as I am, and I still believe that it’s the best poetic piece of writing I’ve done so far.

So without further ado…


March 1802

William Wordsworth writes while resting on the bridge at the foot

of Brother’s Water

sister Dorothy walks the lake                                                               alone


by the boughs of the bare old trees

the simplicity of the mountains and

the exquisite beauty of the path…


Broad Water

renamed to accommodate                                                                                   the dead

bodies of two brothers

70 feet below the surface


nature’s playground a minefield

for those who take advantage


March 2015

nineteenth century landscape trampled by

an unrestrained generation

Wordsworth’s beauty                                    tainted by

by need of consumption

and of ownership

the city

buying out the countryside with its second homes

it’s a doubled edged sword

we concluded 70% were not regularly occupied

holding out for what they can

animals too regressed evolved to stray from concrete paths

when does it stop?

Skiddaw > elevation 3054 ft. Helvellyn > elevation 3120 ft. Scafell >    elevation 3166 ft. Scafell Pike > elevation 3209 ft.
aesthetic is tourism and vital for the cycle of development


destruction of the enticement is key for business

harmonising with the land is a necessary concept


industry considers nature important in urbanisation

change is compulsory to prevent a backwards way of life


development will continue to ensure the required lifestyle is fulfilled

landscapes transform over time through naturally occurring phenomena


all building materials consist of natural resources

Hartsop valley leads the ascent                                     2718 feet above

                                                                                                  sea level

to High Street

with nothing for sale

dirt road beneath snow                                        trailed

from Brocavum to Galava

in time of Hadrian

history                                                   at risk of pollution from

budget cuts

giving ownership to

unnamed figures

familiar world torn                                             apart

by privitisation

of public assets

National Park to sell of Lake District beauty spots                                              unless




commercialisation is in a dangerous part of its pupal stage

and will soon be ready to


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