Weekly Pics: 7th – 13th November

Following on from last week’s post, here is the second of my two-part photo set from a few years ago.

It’s amazing how somewhere that is so familiar to me can always seem so different, particularly through the lens of the camera. ย Every location that I have snapped down below is one that I’ve been to numerous times before, but there is always a new and invigorating way of seeing nature.

My photography has definitely allowed me to appreciate the landscape more than I already did, and I hope that through doing that my work has managed to improve.

Next week’s photo post may well be able to show just that as it’s the first of another two part set, this one taken over the last week from my holiday. ย For now, however, I hope you enjoy the photography that I have to show you all.

From The Depths


Skimming The Surface

Over Yonder



Green Pastures





Mountain Spring

Distant Peaks



The Ascent


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