Home Is Where The Heart Is

A few weeks back I wrote a post containing some of my haikus from my first year portfolio.  After taking another look at my writing from back then I decided that today I wanted to share with you some more of my old poetry.

This piece entitled ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ was written with the intention of focusing on the use of repetition.  As one of the poems that I had more freedom with back in first year, I found it a lot easier to get into writing the piece and founding a natural flow for it.

Something that I do in this poem which is not common for me is using rhyme as a means of building the pace and tension within the writing.  As a somewhat more abstract poet, I tend to avoid rhyming couplets because they don’t create the sound that I normally want in my work.  However, when it came to writing ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’, I found that the rhyming helped to add another layer to the poem, and also create a familiar, more positive sound which contrasts with the shorter, dramatic lines in the rest of the piece.  My intention was to make the reader uncertain of whether the notion of home was something to love or to fear.

I’ve already shared on this blog some of my long-form poetry, such as my epic STOP THE SALES! from my second year portfolio, but this was my first real attempt at writing something like this at length.  I found it quite easy to write the whole thing, the inspiration just hit me.  I managed to complete the poem in one sitting during one of my workshops, and afterwards I did little tinkering with the piece before submitting it as a part of my portfolio.  Although I look at it now and can see where I would change the structure of the poem or my use of repetition, at the time it was quite a strong piece of writing in my eyes.  Even now I look at it and feel that, for a novice, it was a good piece of work.

So without further ado, here is my poem.  I will happily take any feedback from you guys, although just note that my writing has improved since this piece was first written!

Home Is Where The Heart Is


Home is where the heart is.


Don’t go back there.


Old faces that never change.

Old names that never die.


No.  Don’t go.

There is no salvation where you go home,

no shining light or holy throne.

What is this place that you call home,

where devils dance and angels moan?


Don’t go.





Home is where your body lies.


Your soul escapes,

It burns alive.


Now you’ve left yet still you’re here.

Broken faces on the wall,

where is the wonder of it all?


Don’t stay.  No.  Don’t stay.

Trying so hard,

hard to leave me.

Everything you’ve ever wanted locked out of sight,

but the key, you find the key.

Escape, get away – run.





Why are you here?

Why are you near?

I cannot see

through the tears,

the crystal veil

bred from my fears.

I do not pity, no longer so,

yet still your tears bring me tears,

weeping in silence,

no water against the cheek.

I hurt in your absence, for when you’re not here,

you’re home,

and I can’t be there with you,

because you don’t understand yourself.

Don’t lie to me about where your heart lies.

Way out there beyond the sea?

Do you still think it lies with me?

One last time let me hold you


Let me say goodbye, give that to me.



You’re home.

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