Weekly Pics: 14th – 20th November

Hello everyone!  As I promised several weeks ago, here is the first of several photo posts dedicated to my recent holiday in the Lake District.

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to visit this beautiful part of the world for a second time this year after holidaying there back in March.  As one might expect at this time of year, the weather wasn’t always brilliant, but it was still an amazing week away.  What made it even better was that being up north meant I was able to visit a couple of my university friends on the way home.

One thing that surprised me whilst I was in the Lake was the snowfall that came in the middle of the week.  Seeing snow for the first time this Autumn really put me in a festive mood and has definitely kick-started my excitement for the Christmas season.  In two weeks you can see exactly what I mean as I have a special snow-filled photo post set to kick off December on my blog.

Some of the photos shared on here in the coming weeks may already look familiar to you as well because I posted quite a few on my Instagram whilst I was away.

Without further ado, here are this week’s new photos!

Afternoon Sunshine





Made of Stone

The Autumn View




Over The Wall


Seasons Change


Autumn Light


A Shimmer on The Surface

Rocky Cascade


Mountain Watch

Take A SeatDSCN8763 (2).JPG

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