Weekly Pics: 21st – 27th November

Monday’s back again and to wash away those new-week blues I’ve got another photo post from the beautiful English countryside.

When I visited the Lake District a few weeks ago I really wanted to capture the wonder of the Autumn season.  I’m so used to travelling there in the early Spring that the different shades of the grass and the leaves were a pleasant surprise, and provided a great deal of opportunities with my camera.

Normally I’d put Autumn down as my least preferred season, simply because orange and yellow are my least favourite colours.  Moreover it’s bookended by the two superior seasons, with Winter being the best time of year in my opinion.  However, since I’ve started writing this blog and found more opportunities to take photos, I’ve really begun to appreciate every little change that occurs in nature.  I’ve walked past flowers that I photographed several months back and seen how they’ve wilted, and instead of being put down by it I’ve found the change intriguing.  This whole experience has made me so much more in-tune with nature and I’m grateful for it.

I think I’ve got some really great examples below, and in the first part of this post, that really show off the time of year wonderfully.  I only hope that I am fortunate enough to visit the Lake District again soon so that I can see the area from another seasonal perspective.

Down The River Rubble


Summer Debris

Winter’s Reflection


 Colours of The Season

Mountain Rest


Spots of Autumn


Down The Country Lane


 Time Passes

DSCN8755 (2).JPG

Lazy on The Lake


Red Robin




Sunlight Falls

DSCN8561 (2).JPG

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