Collaboration: Books, TV Show and Game Highlights

For the last few weeks the three of us have discussed what have been our favourite songs, albums and films from the last year, and now we want to bring our review collaborations to an appropriate end. With so many new releases, it’s hard to cover everything that has come out this year, so for our final week we decided to split three more categories between us. Holly has covered her favourite books of 2016, Sarah’s focused on her favourite games, and I’ve decided to look at TV shows.

A Christmas Wish Come True

With just a week left until Christmas (how?!), I’m in the best mood that I’ve been in since I finished university, and I hope that these high spirits continue well into the new year. 2016 hasn’t been great, so here’s to a bright and happy 2017!

Dreams of Christmas Future

Although I’m only 21 and single, I do tend to think about meeting someone, getting married and (eventually) having kids with them quite often. This year it’s been on mind most of the time, and I’m not really sure why.