The Gift of Giving

2.pngA few weeks ago I started ordering my Christmas presents and as of today all but one have arrived.  Although it was still mid-November when I started buying them, I like to be organised when it comes to gift giving.  I was already planning out Secret Santa before the Summer was even over!

The reason that I’m bringing it up is because today I sat down and wrapped everything up.  I’ve had my all the presents just sitting on my desk and given some of them are for my parents I wanted to have them out of the way before they accidentally came across them.  I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to wrapping, although they don’t often turn out the way I’d prefer.  I have a habit of using too much tape which is always my downfall when people spend 5 minutes just trying to open the present.  This year was no different.

But as much as I’m sure you’re all interested in my over-the-top wrapping ability, there is something bigger to all this.  I always find that I’m at my most generous during the Christmas holidays, something that isn’t always a great quality when you’re this low on funds.  It probably sounds like I’m trying to big myself up here which is not the intention, I just wanted to talk about how good it makes me feel knowing I’ve made someone happy with the gift I’ve given them.  Soppy I know.

I don’t always feel like I’m the best person in the world, after all who does?  My friends know that I’m not too proud to accept something when it’s offered to me, which in turn can sometimes make me look like I take more than I give.  Deep down I know that that’s not true but it’s always so easy to see yourself in a way that others may not.

As my post yesterday (and all that follow over the coming weeks) made clear, I’m a big Christmas person.  I love everything about the holiday season and that, of course, includes the presents.  I’ve found particularly over the last few years though that I’m just as excited at giving gifts to others as much as getting my own.  Perhaps that’s just because of the great friendship group that I formed last year at university, but I like knowing I can put a smile on people’s faces.  That’s why I always end up spending more on others than I’m maybe supposed to.

My Secret Santa spending limit has been particularly hard to adhere to.  When you know someone so well it’s not difficult to find stuff that you know they’ll be into, and when that happens the cost can rack up quite quickly.  It’s happened with my friend group from university as well as my one at home, and I’ve struggled to work out what to give them and what to save for another time.

Money is always such an issue for people and I hate how much it gets in the way of everything.  If I had all the money in the world I’d happily buy my friends and family a lot of stuff without expecting an equal amount in return.  It’s what Christmas does to me.

Why am I telling you all this?  It was just on my mind today really.  I was thinking about what it is about Christmas that I love so much and this just came to mind.  It probably just sounds like a ramble about buying presents, but oh well.  I’m still new to this blogmas thing, and I’m not used to writing personal posts like this.  Sometimes I hide myself behind reviews and writing and photos because I’m not used to talking about myself.  I’m one of those people who if you ask to say something interesting that you do or that’s happened in your life my mind goes blank.  I’ve become too much of a hermit to have an exciting life!

I digress.

If you take anything away from this post, let it be that the gift of giving can be just as great as the gift of receiving, if not better.  Christmas in my eyes is all about togetherness and the unity that the holiday creates, but I won’t go into that now.  I’m saving that for a later post.

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