A Note On: Crash Bandicoot N~Sane Trilogy

4.pngTwo years ago, back when I used to write for my university’s blog, I had a post in the works about the potential return of the much-beloved Crash Bandicoot series.  I never got around to finishing it because of course commitments, but it wouldn’t be relevant anymore because the situation now is a whole lot different to how it was back then.

My original post discussed the constant back and forth suggestions about the possibility of a series remake.  Some developers were suggesting it was a likelihood whilst others stated it would never happen.  The thing that interested me most was the insinuation that if a new Crash game would be released it would be closer-related to the original PS1 releases than the more recent versions that were playable on Xbox and Nintendo consoles, as well as on Playstation ones.  This, in my opinion, is exactly how the future of Crash should be, because it was in that format that the games sold so well.

Fast forward to 2016 and it’s like dreams are coming true.

Earlier this year it was announced that ‘Crash Bandicoot’, Crash Bandicoot: Cortex Stirkes Back’ and ‘Crash Bandicoot: Warped’, the first three games in the series, would be remastered for release in the PS4 in 2017.  Although not a brand new title, this is definitely a step in the right direction given that popular demand for the remasters could mean that new games will be developed.  The reason that I’m talking about this today is because last night a trailer for the PS4 releases debuted and it was incredible.

IMG_5200.JPGAvailable to watch on Activision’s YouTube channel, the trailer teases footage from the new version of the very first game in the series.  Packaged as the N~Sane trilogy, the games appear to remain faithful to all the elements of the PS1 release, but with a vast improvement in the visual quality (it has been 20 years after all).  Further details from the developer’s suggested there were some differences between the two games, with the remastered version now boasting the ability to save quickly and easily, unlike before.  Apart from small additions like this, it would appear that there are no major changes to the game that would give the player a vastly new experience than the one they had several decades ago.

In my opinion this is a great thing.

For many people, ‘Crash Bandicoot’ was a game of the past.  They don’t still own the original games or have the means to play them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love the nostalgia that the series provides.  Given the PS4 is such a popular console, especially with people that were kids back when the first games were released, the N~Sane Trilogy is likely to be a big hit.  It gives those players an opportunity to relive the game with the video-quality that they’re used to and, quite frankly, have come to expect.  Anything that creates excitement around Crash Bandicoot and fans the flames of potential new entries in the series is fine by me.

I, sadly, do not own a PS4, although thankfully my sister does.  To be honest, the N~Sane Trilogy alone is not enough to convince me to buy one given that the genres of game I tend to play are not that compatible with the latest Playstation console (I’m a Nintendo gamer at heart).  I still own the three original PS1 games and as recently as last year I 100% completed both ‘Crash Bandicoot’ and ‘Cortex Strikes Back’ for the second consecutive year.  The Trilogy is an experience that I definitely don’t want to miss out on, but I’ll happily save myself several hundred quid if the big difference is just the graphics.

…I feel I just went back on all the hype I created!

IMG_5204.JPGI am excited though, and anyone that doesn’t own the originals should definitely pick up a copy when it hits the stores.  The new designs for the first game look stunning, and they haven’t animated the characters to look too goofy.  I’m really interested to see how the ‘Cortex Strikes Back’ and ‘Warped’ games look with the updated graphics, but given the trilogy isn’t set to be released until next year I imagine it will be a while until a trailer for those is shown.  Until then I’ll sit and ponder the potential future for this wonderful series and see if I can’t work out exactly what a new Crash Bandicoot game should look like…

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