Weekly Pics: 28th November -4th December

5.pngFor the last two weeks I’ve been sharing some of the snaps from my recent holiday to the Lake District.  Today’s installment is the final collection from that week away, and it’s the most Winter-appropriate post I could hope for.  Whilst I was there I was fortunate enough to get some snowfall…well quite a lot of it actually.  Although it proved to cause a little difficulty with some of the walks I had planned, it created the most picturesque scenes up on the mountains.  It’s normally through a stroke of luck that I even get to see snow down where I live, so to have so much in that one week was just the most wonderful thing.

Winter will always be my favourite time of the year, and it’s in moments like these that just make me love it so much more.  The English countryside is beautiful enough already without the addition of snow, but to see it in this way for the first time last month admittedly made me quite emotional.  Nature is a beautiful thing, and seeing the way the seasons affect the landscape is so intriguing.  I hope to be able to visit the Lake District at a similar time of year sometime in the future, just in the hope that I’ll be able to see it beneath a layer of white once again.

Snowy Horizon


Black and White

To Sunnier Climates


Submerged In Winter

A Necessary Descent



From The Fog


Caught Off-Guard

Up Ahead


Traces of Snow



Above The Snow

At High Altitude


On The Branches Perched

Dressed In White


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