A Poetic Christmas

A couple of days ago I posted some festive pieces of micro-fiction that I’d written exclusively for posting on my blog this month.  Given that my poetry has made up some of my most popular uploads from this last year, I thought I’d continue with that creativity and write some seasonal pieces as a part of blogmas.

Like with the micro-fiction, trying to change my overall tone of creative writing to be more positive was an interesting challenge.  It’s not that I can’t adapt my writing to fit whatever audience, style, etc. that it needs to, but more that when I sit down to produce fiction or poetry for myself I prefer to work with more of a darker atmosphere.  Naturally, that does not fit with the general OTT joyfulness that is so closely associated with this time of year.

The poems that I’ve posted down below are the first that I’ve written since finishing university back in the Spring.  My main reason for taking such a long break is that I wanted to rediscover the love I have for writing that got lost amidst all the work on my degree.  In the last 6/7 months I have indeed managed to find it again and really enjoyed writing these pieces, although I may need a little time to find my technique again after so long.  With these poems I tried to use the styles that I really enjoyed writing in during my second and third year of the course, and I think I pulled it off pretty succesfully.  After all, I wouldn’t have posted them here if I didn’t think so.

In Anticipation

Stars shine

no clouds above                                           not tonight


the kids have been told to sleep tonight

but they won’t

in their heads a countdown has been set                            10 hours

9 hours

8 hours

the anticipation is enough to overshadow the big day

it’s too much excitement to handle


presents                                                                    and

chocolate                                                                  and

tv                                                                                 and


a family united on one day

                   (if you exclude the arguments)


a child never forgets their favourite Christmas



early morning sunshine shines golden

on the white surface outside

4 inches of snow                            thick                         on the ground

angels and men are formed by children

the cold forgettable in their laughter

as Christmas nears

moonlight becomes familiar in the afternoon

every day shorter in anticipation of the


demand for hot chocolate rises

a safe haven of its own in the Winter chill

warmth is hard to come by these days

but no-one cares

a festive spirit goes a long way

its easier to overlook things

like frostbite

advent breaks down into single digits

time ticks by fast                                                 slow

excitement is at an all-time high

the day is almost here.


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