Weekly Pics: 5th – 11th December

12.pngBefore I go in to talking about this week’s photos I have an announcement that I need to make.

After a lot of thinking I’ve decided that this segment of the blog will go on hiatus at the end of the year due to a lack of new content.  I’ve recently started a course in digital marketing, and alongside looking for jobs and creating regular written content for this site I don’t have the time to collect enough new photography on a weekly basis.  It’s especially troublesome because I’ve exhausted the surrounding area and don’t have the ability to travel to different places regularly.

This is not to say that I won’t be posting any more photography on my blog,  but rather that there will be no routine to when it gets uploaded.  How often I post will depend on when I’m able to get out of the house with my camera, but I’ll definitely try to take some new photos at least once a month.

With that in mind, the final few weeks of this segment is a little bit of a free-for-all.  I have photographs from several different holidays and events from the last few years that I will post either separately or grouped together depending on the amount of content they provide.

This week’s post is taking things back to Summer with my 2013 holiday to Weston-Super-Mare.  The holiday coincided with my finishing Sixth Form so I was in a very celebratory mood, and I genuinely could not have asked for better weather when I was there.  Every day was beautiful sunshine and gorgeous warm weather, something that can certainly be a rarity in this country, even in the midst of Summer.  Weston always holds a special place for me because I used to go there every year when I was a child, so getting to go back there as my last holiday before university was a really lovely experience.

Sand and Sunshine


Down the Beaten Path


The Terrace


Rocky Coastline


Summer Holiday


Open Spaces


On A Sunny Day


Great Heights


Creatures of the Sea


Offshore Tide


By the Rocks


From the Ashes Reborn


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