Weekly Pics: 12th – 18th December

19With the penultimate week of my photo segment I’m taking it back to another Summer holiday with my 2013 trip to Yorkshire.

Apart from one unfortunate day,  I was extremely lucky with the weather once again.  Most of my time there was spent in Scarborough enjoying the great beach, and I even did a spot of golf one day.  Normally I just stick to crazy golf, but the option was available to try something a little more professional so I couldn’t pass up the chance.  I wasn’t brilliant at it, although there was one shot that I hit pretty hard that was very nearly a hole-in-one.  My proudest achievement in golf to date!

I would definitely love to go back here again sometime.  This was only my second visit to this part of the country, but both times I’ve been the accommodation and the experience were phenomenal.  The place that I was staying in in 2013 had a pool within the house which was crazy!  I don’t tend to go swimming that much but I definitely made the most of having a pool on the other side of my kitchen.

It would be nice to visit Yorkshire sometime in the Autumn or Spring so I can discover more of the scenic countryside walks that you can do there.  Normally when I holiday in the Summer I’m only really interested in going to the beach and making the most of the hot weather.  The two times that I visited the area it was crazy hot so walking was the last thing on my mind.  It’s definitely something that would be great to do in the future though.

Like A Herd Follows


Amidst the Storm


Eyes on the Prize


Fun and Games


Patiently Waiting


An Untouched Scene


In Their Own World


Against the Tide


A Game of Fetch


Lazy Grazing


Afternoon In the Sun

20140621_093414 (2).jpg

Towards the Goal


Sunstruck Coast


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