Weekly Pics: 13th – 19th February

A spontaneous trip to the Norfolk coast this weekย gave me the opportunity to take out my camera and get some much-needed new photographs.

Although we’re still in the throes of Winter, the weather has started to show signs of improving lately, and there’s even been some semblance of warmth when the sun’s come out. With that in mind, I couldn’t pass up the chance to spend some quality time with friends and head to the coast to make the most of this great weather.

In typical English fashion, the clouds started to form not long after midday, and the morning sunshine was quickly forgotten as the temperature dropped, but that didn’t stop me from getting some great photos while it was nice outside. I haven’t had the chance to properly use my camera since last year, so being able to go out and take some new snaps was great. I’ve missed uploading these posts on a weekly basis, but with a trip to the Lake District planned for next month, there should be a couple more of these coming very soon.

For now, I hope you enjoy what I’ve got to share – my first photos of 2017!

Coastal Town


From A Pedestal


Longshore Drift


Beneath the Tide




Salt Spray


In Flight


A Rough Tide


On the Prowl


Blue Sky on the Shore



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