Weekly Pics: 20th-26th March

I’m back again with some more photos from my trip to the Lake District that I couldn’t fit in last week. I’ve probably said this a thousand times already but I never grow tired of this place, or any countryside in general. It’s just so beautiful!

Collaboration: Underrated Songs

We’re three weeks into this month’s musical collaborations and it’s time to turn our attention to those hidden gems that never got the recognition they deserved. Whether it be a song that didn’t perform so great on the charts, or perhaps an album track that was unjustly prevented from becoming a single, we all know a tune or two that should’ve had more time in the limelight.

In Review: Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together

When the Nintendo Switch was released a few weeks ago, many people were hesitant to purchase it because there were only a handful of games to buy with it. This did not take into account the titles that were available on the e-shop which, although still not extensive in numbers, provided a couple of gems for the freshly-launched console. One game in particular that stood out was Snipperclips.

Collaboration: Guilty Pleasures

For our second collaboration this month, we thought we’d make things a little bit cheesy by sharing with you our favourite guilty pleasure songs. We all have those tracks that we love to listen to, but we’re afraid of letting everyone else know because it doesn’t fit with our usual music tastes, or its widely regarded as being extremely cheesy. It doesn’t matter what others may think, though – they make us happy.

In Review: Breath of the Wild

A few weeks back, Nintendo released their latest console – the Switch – in an effort to reclaim their title as one of the world’s leading video games manufacturers. With it came the launch of a new Zelda title, a game that was in development for five years after suffering a number of delays. Titled Breath of the Wild, the highly-anticipated release received critical acclaim when it debuted and was resultantly credited as one of the greatest video games ever made. Having spent the last night fortnight playing the game myself, I thought I’d give my own opinion on it and see if it lived up to all the hype.