Weekly Pics: 20th-26th March

I’m back again with some more photos from my trip to the Lake District that I couldn’t fit in last week. I’ve probably said this a thousand times already but I never grow tired of this place, or any countryside in general. It’s just so beautiful!

The weather was a little bit back and forth when I visited so I endured both gorgeous sunshine and miserable rain. Nevertheless, I was still able to capture a load of great shots, and a couple of times the bad weather was actually a big help. The rainbow that you’ll see in one of the shots below hung around for several hours on the last day, the longest I’ve ever seen one be visible for. I was also able to see where it ended which was pretty incredible, because I’ve never seen that before. No gold though, unfortunately!

I always find it amazing that I manage to take pictures in the same area and still be able to show off something new and exciting. I worry sometimes with all the landscape photos that I share on here that they’re all too similar because they’re pretty much all taken in the same place, but then I look through them all and each set feels different from the last. Besides, I went on a couple of new walks this time so a couple of the shots of brand new for me.

As always, I hope you enjoy the work I have to show you and if you’re interested in seeing any of my previous photography, there’s tons of posts available on this blog. I’m still in the process of setting up pages to display it on, but those should hopefully be finished for you to check out soon.

Over the Wall


On A Sunny Day


A Dash of Yellow


Rippled Reflection


A Step Into Nature


A Feast For Tiny Mouths


Virgin White


A Modern Forest




Blown Over


Perched In Wait


Forever Cascade


The Eyes of the Herd




Distant Peaks


At the End of the Rainbow

IMG_5966 (2).JPG

From Blue Skies To Black



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