Weekly Pics: 15th – 21st May

Photo opportunities sometimes come at the most unexpected times.

I can safely say that I didn’t plan on uploading another Weekly Pics post this month, but after a couple of flowers caught my eye while out for a walk I couldn’t resist it. Before long I’d found plenty of things to snap and was excited to be able to show off some more of my photography.

It feels nice to come full circle and have another photography post like this one in my final week at home. With a new internship set to begin next week which could potentially result in a full-time job, these next few days might be the last I spend in this village on a long-term basis. I’ll be sad to leave it behind, especially with summer just around the corner, but the future ahead is very bright indeed.

On that note, I shall leave you with this new collection of flowers to glance through. Some of them have certainly seen better days now that blossoming season of spring is gradually reaching it’s end, but they’re all still beautiful in there own way.

I can’t wait to see what gorgeous new photos I’ll be able to take in my new village.


IMG_6449 (2)

Nature’s Flourish

Light Shade Leaves

Virgin White


Dewdrop Petals

Pretty in Pink

A Moment of Light

Wilted Seasons



IMG_6457 (2)

In Vibrant Days

IMG_6416 (2)

Drenched in Colour

Violet Kiss

IMG_6463 (2)

One thought on “Weekly Pics: 15th – 21st May

  1. Gorgeous flower pics as always! Really love the blooming photo-set, and I can’t believe you managed to capture a bee too! It’s always lovely to see animal interacting with nature pics~ Keep up the good work!

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