Emotionally Charged Art

This week has been a tough one.

With everything that happened in Manchester several days ago, I haven’t been sure how to feel. Putting it all into words is hugely difficult and it’s been a long time since I turned to poetry to get my feelings out, but I couldn’t think of any better way to express myself.

Not all of these poems are influenced by this week’s events, but they’ve all been written in a state of great emotion that has filled me in recent days.

The first piece – ’22 Balloons’ – is something that I wrote in response to the Manchester bombing on the night following the attack in honour of the twenty-two people who sadly lost their lives. ‘The Social Divine’ is a commentary on the way society works in the 21st century and the reliance we all now have on technology, social media, etc., while ‘Nightmares’ is quite a dark piece that I find very open to interpretation.

My relationship with writing hasn’t been as strong as it used to be since the final year of my degree, but in times like these I’m reminded of why it’s such a great passion of mine. I’m not always that great at expressing my feelings in social situations when it comes to serious topics, but when I put pen to paper the words do a great job of helping me find what to say.

22 Balloons

22 balloons

caught on the ceiling of

unfulfilled potential


helium bleeding

from a hole pierced


22 balloons

falling from freedom


beneath moonlight


the siren call of a child turns


and goes willingly to the open hands of


an old friend

an acquaintance

who pays all debts

and takes no bribes


arguments fall on deaf ears

in the aftermath

the unspoken words


for years to come


never silenced


even with a smile

the memory remains unwashed




a road blocked by a fallen tree




22 balloons

trapped on the verge of forever

with no-one to hold them down

and stop them floating




The Social Divine

I wonder

if we are products for manufacture

to be churned out to all participating stores in your area.


Are we an endless chain of disposability?

Might the grass grow greener

or at all

on the other side?


Is it time to find the off switch and declare

‘We have done your bidding now away we go’

without ever looking back at what we’ve blindly left behind?



some might say

that we have a past when we only see

the future

or what is inevitable.


Did you know

that the average life span of a human male


can be found online alongside everything else including the kitchen sink at just £59.99.


Our educational system is flawed


with its interest in offline subjects.

Teachers need to stop with that age-old line

‘No phones in class’

because we all know which between the two is



Social interaction was never meant to be

face to face

when it’s so much easier to send a message.

Why else do we have emojis?



is a word we don’t use enough these days

when it so accurately defines what it means to be




Blink and you’ll miss

the lifetime ahead of you

but don’t look up for too long


you might see something important.



carpet runway

is rough on bare feet


the endless hallway falls through


lost in the dark


grabbing hands cannot find                                          solace? escape?




there are only footfalls and blinking lights

on a black canvas


tiny lungs know no limit when they cry for help

hopeful in the arms of


less infantile than themselves


Eyes closed



open and seeing nightmares


this is not a dream.

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