Weekly Pics: 29th May – 4th June

Exploring a new area is so exciting!

Since my last photography post, I’ve moved to the beautiful county of Cambridgeshire to embark on a three-month internship as a content writer. It’s a big change for me having spent the last year back at home, but I’ve never been happier to go back to living independently.

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the area and I’ve only been here a week. There’s so many great places to go for a walk and plenty of opportunities to get some amazing snaps. I feel extremely lucky to have taken some of the pictures that I did over the weekend and I couldn’t wait to share them with you guys. As an avid photography enthusiast, there’s nothing better than getting that perfect shot.

I hope this is just the first of several blog posts showing off this beautiful place and that if I only end up staying here for three months that I find my way back one day. I definitely think I’ve found where I want to settle down in the future.

A Dash of Summer



Through Nature’s Footsteps


In Situ




Blue Dreams

IMG_6672 (2).JPG

A Touch of Magic

 Under Watchful Eyes

DSCN9416 (2).JPG

In the Wind

Beneath Blue Over Yonder


Still Life

A Path Divided


The Blossom

In Search

DSCN9374 (2).JPG

Blended Nature

Faded Seasons



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