Weekly Pics: 12th – 18th June

Even after three weeks of living here I’m still being surprised by what there is to discover in this beautiful part of the country.

I went out again with my camera at the weekend to investigate one of the routes I’d yet to explore and was floored by some of the sights I found. Seeing Cambourne from the top of a hill really took my breath away, and not just because I’d been walking for an hour and a half.

We’ve been really blessed with the weather over here the last few weekends – a little too blessed thanks to the current heatwave – and it’s really made the landscape even more inspiring than normal. All the insects and animals are out in droves, the flowers are blooming wonderfully, and everything just seems that bit brighter.

I certainly hope the sunshine keeps making an appearance while I’m staying here, although if the temperature wanted to drop a couple of degrees that would be great. I can only handle so much heat.

Evening Practice


Frozen Blue

The Family Pack

DSCN8007 (2).JPG

Pale Flowered Sky

Take a Dive


Stained Wings



Lakeside Sunshine

Grotesque Elegance

DSCN9435 (2).JPG

White-Pink Dreams

The English World


Swim Free

Purple Vibrance


Across the Bright Blue

Subdued White



Hidden Away

DSCN7965 (2).JPG

A Watchful Rest

Faded Beauty


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