Weekly Pics: 18th – 24th September

With Summer at it’s end and the promise of shorter, colder days just around the corner, I thought I’d collect some of the photographs taken over the last few months and put them together into a post.

My time in Cambridgeshire was a great one, offering me amazing opportunities for both my work and social life. I gained some amazing writing experience and met a couple of people who made the toil of the five-day working week so much easier to handle. The cherry on the cake, though, was being able to spend my summer in a beautiful part of the world that provided me so many opportunities to immerse myself in nature.

As all of my photography posts probably make clear, I love going out and surrounding myself with the gorgeous plants, wildlife and scenery that the world has to offer. Cambourne was such a great place to live because there were so many paths that disappeared off into nature and allowed for hours of great walks and photo opportunities. It’s definitely one of the main things that I’ll miss about the area, but at least I have these pictures to look back on and remind me of the great summer I had this year.

Simply Scenic


Shades of Blue



Frozen Beauty

On a Day Like Today


History on the Water

Family Outing


Perched Wings

Summer Reflection


A Touch of Pink


The Fading Day

IMG_7526 (2).JPG


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