A Writer in Sight

IMG_7306So let’s just go ahead and put a disclaimer here before I start writing this little bio. About sections – not my favourite thing in the world. I see something telling me to talk about myself and my mind just goes, “what exactly have you done in your life that’s worth sharing with everyone?”.

I’m a graduate, for a start. I finished studying at Edge Hill University in 2016 and received a First Class degree with honours in Creative Writing. It’s at this point you should notice the ‘Creative Writing’ tab at the top of the page and consider that it might be worth a look…

While at university, I found that I excelled at writing scripts and am currently in the process of finishing a draft of my first full-length stage-play. I might post a few snippets of it on the blog now and again, but you can expect the bulk of my creative work on here to be either fiction or poetry.

Outside of writing I’m also a keen photographer (again, notice the tab above) and specialise in taking landscape and nature shots. Call it nostalgia for the lifetime of family holidays to the Lake District, but I have such a strong thirst for the outdoors that only my camera can quench. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of climbing a mountain and snapping a picture of the view down below.

So, as you might have guessed from my subtle advertisements, this blog is a space for me to share some of my creative endeavours with the world. That’s probably only about 1/3 of the content that you can expect to see here.

I’m a pretty obsessive gamer, reader and consumer of music (good luck trying to find me without my headphones in), so you can expect most of my posts to be centred around these subjects. Whether that’s in the form of a review, discussion or prediction of things to come, there’s a lot that you can really sink your teeth into. I even go a bit crazy for the Olympics and Paralympics when they come around, but we’ll keep that one a little hush hush. I have my childhood reputation of hating sports to uphold here.

Now do you feel like you know me? I think you should, but you can always check out my twitter (@jdarvill91) or instagram (@jamesdarvill91) for that extra bit of insight into who I am. You can also read about all of my lifelong ambitions that I wrote for an old blog post down below, because why not?

Achievements (Grey)

I only managed 2/3 of it in 2016 due to heavy snowfall, but I’d love to be able to say that I made it all the way to the top without turning back.

Although I’m not much of a traveller, I hope to add New Zealand, Italy and Japan to the list of countries I’ve visited.

The Charleston, Jive and Waltz are my favourite dance styles and I’d love to learn at least one with my future partner.

My weight has always been in a state of flux and I’d love to get back to (and stay at) the sub-12 stone size I was in 2015.

They’re stressful, but the outcome is totally worth it. I’d love to surprise someone special with a big party just for them.

‘Oh Shenandoah’ performed on the piano is one of my favourite pieces of music and I’d love to be able to play it myself.

I’m incredibly passionate about photography. It’d be amazing to see one of my nature shots in a magazine one day.

This blog has been the gift that keeps on giving, and I hope to keep it going strong for many months to come.

I’m always imagining short films in my head and it’d be great to put my A-Level media studies to good use.

It’s my dream job. As much as I love writing, my ability to come up with new ideas is definitely my strong point.

My degree put me off long-form writing, but I discovered an unexpected interest in crafting short stories.

There’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for several years that I’ve recently discovered is best conveyed on the stage.

Marriage has always been on the cards for me. I just need to find the Prince Charming who will agree to all my wedding demands.

It’s not something I’ll be prepared for anytime soon, but the family unit appeals to me. Two kids – no more or less.

The icing on the cake. There’s nowhere I love more in the world than the Lake District. It’d be a dream to call it my home.