Pokémon Go: Bound For Glory?

Easter’s arrived just in time to Pokémon Go with the latest event having hit smartphones earlier this evening. With the promise of increased rewards over the next week, developers are hopeful that this ‘Eggstravaganza’ will prompt players to return to the game once again, but how successful will this strategy prove to be?

In Review: 1-2-Switch

1-2-Switch is the successor to Nintendo’s popular multi-player games like Wii Sports and Nintendo Land that were also launch titles for their respective consoles.It features a selection of mini-games which utilise the Joy-Cons and require players to interact with one another in an innovative way – playing face to face.

The Upsides of Zelda’s Downsides

It’s been a month now since I started playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the new Nintendo Switch, and in that time I’ve managed to rack up over 100 hours of gaming. My extensive time in this digital world has brought up a fair share of criticisms, but even the negative aspects of this game can be seen in a positive light.

In Review: Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together

When the Nintendo Switch was released a few weeks ago, many people were hesitant to purchase it because there were only a handful of games to buy with it. This did not take into account the titles that were available on the e-shop which, although still not extensive in numbers, provided a couple of gems for the freshly-launched console. One game in particular that stood out was Snipperclips.

In Review: Breath of the Wild

A few weeks back, Nintendo released their latest console – the Switch – in an effort to reclaim their title as one of the world’s leading video games manufacturers. With it came the launch of a new Zelda title, a game that was in development for five years after suffering a number of delays. Titled Breath of the Wild, the highly-anticipated release received critical acclaim when it debuted and was resultantly credited as one of the greatest video games ever made. Having spent the last night fortnight playing the game myself, I thought I’d give my own opinion on it and see if it lived up to all the hype.

Five Features The Nintendo Switch Needs Soon

I have no major qualms with Nintendo’s new console, but there are definitely some features that could do with being added in to make the Switch a richer experience for everyone. While we await an update on potential new features, I’ve put together a couple of my own suggestions that I’d love to see implemented in the near future.

To Buy or Not to Buy…?

It’s launch day for the Nintendo Switch and thousands of consoles are being shipped all around the world. As a major fan of Nintendo, it has certainly crossed my mind about whether or not to buy one on its first day of sale. Naturally, as if with any major purchase, there’s a great list of pros and cons running through my mind.