Weekly Pics: 12th – 18th June

Even after three weeks of living here I’m still being surprised by what there is to discover in this beautiful part of the country. I went out again with my camera at the weekend to investigate one of the routes I’d yet to explore and was floored by some of the sights I found.

Weekly Pics: 15th – 21st May

I can safely say that I didn’t plan on uploading another Weekly Pics post this month, but after a couple of flowers caught my eye while out for a walk I couldn’t resist it. Before long I’d found plenty of things to snap and was excited to be able to show off some more of my photography.

Weekly Pics: 3rd – 9th April

With the weather being so great recently, I couldn’t stop myself from picking up my camera and going for a walk to see what shots I could snap. Even though the flowers aren’t all in full bloom yet, there’s certainly a lot of life in the local nature.

Weekly Pics: 20th-26th March

I’m back again with some more photos from my trip to the Lake District that I couldn’t fit in last week. I’ve probably said this a thousand times already but I never grow tired of this place, or any countryside in general. It’s just so beautiful!

Weekly Pics: 19th – 25th September

After a couple weeks of looking back through my back-catalogue I’ve finally got some fresh new photos to show you guys. Taken over the course of a few days, the photos in this week’s instalment see me trying to utilise the remnants of summer before the cold seeps in and the plant life starts to wilt.