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Breath of the Wild

IMG_7689Breath of the Wild offers a wonderfully immersive experience that caters to all level of players no matter their skill set, whether they be an action hero or puzzle solver. The open-world adventure promises countless hours of gameplay that will take even the most hardcore of gamers to fully complete, by which point Nintendo’s library should be boasting a new major release or two…read more

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Snipperclips is an exemplary addition to the Switch launch line-up. It shows how the console can be utilised to create social gameplay and retain an audience when interest has become more focused on smartphone apps. The style is wonderfully suited to Nintendo’s family-friendly demographics and proves that the company still knows how to appeal to gamers after a tumultuous few years…read more

Stars (3.5)


img_7696-e1507825242736.jpg1-2-Switch is both one of the best and worst games Nintendo could have produced for its new console. The gameplay style, while simple, is unique to this game and could prove to be the first of many successful multiplayer titles created in a similar vein. However, although it’s a great first step for the Switch’s future in party gaming, 1-2-Switch does not stand out enough to be a great game in it’s own right…read more

Stars (2.5)