Weekly Pics: 12th – 18th June

Even after three weeks of living here I’m still being surprised by what there is to discover in this beautiful part of the country. I went out again with my camera at the weekend to investigate one of the routes I’d yet to explore and was floored by some of the sights I found.

Emotionally Charged Art

With everything that happened in Manchester several days ago, I haven’t been sure how to feel. Putting it all into words is hugely difficult and it’s been a long time since I turned to poetry to get my feelings out, but I couldn’t think of any better way to express myself.

Weekly Pics: 15th – 21st May

I can safely say that I didn’t plan on uploading another Weekly Pics post this month, but after a couple of flowers caught my eye while out for a walk I couldn’t resist it. Before long I’d found plenty of things to snap and was excited to be able to show off some more of my photography.

A Lifetime of Achievements

We all have things that we want to accomplish sometime in the future, no matter how soon within our lifetime that may be. Given I’ve turned twenty-two today, now seems like as good a time as any to think about the things I hope to achieve while I’m still alive and kicking.

Monthly Book Club (April 2017)

It’s a mix of old and new crime this month as my novels originate from both this century and the last. I love seeing the contrast between how crimes are solved with modern-day technology and increasingly complex and crafty plots, with the simpler stuff from middle to late 1900s where the genius of the protagonist is what really helps them catch the killer. There is no one style that’s better than the other, but simply a progression in the way that they’re written.

A Note On: Peter Capaldi’s Replacement

When Peter Capaldi announced at the end of January that he was leaving Doctor Who, the rumour mill started up instantly. Dozens of names have been thrown into the running, and with production set to begin on the next series in a few month’s time, it won’t be long until we find out just who exactly is taking Capaldi’s place as the nation’s favourite time traveller.