Music Reviews


New music is released week after week, and every once in a while an album comes along that I just have to get my hands on the moment they’re released.

It’s these albums that my fingers are just itching to write about, so where better to show my love (and occasional dislike) for the finest music that mainstream pop has to offer than here. Below you’ll find links to all of the reviews I’ve written on my blog, alongside a snippet of my thoughts on the albums and the all-important five star rating. Just scroll down and if anything takes your fancy, give it a look – or better yet, a listen.

Expect this page to be regularly updated as more new music is released.


Lady Gaga - Joanne.PNGEntitled Joanne in honour of her late aunt, the album sees Gaga veer in a completely new direction from her previous records, a move that has been questioned by many.  For such an extravagant, flamboyant performer to hang up her pop shoes and record a more stripped back, rock focused album is a big risk. The thing is, comparing Gaga’s albums doesn’t work as her music is always changing…read more


Long Live The Angels

Emeli Sande - Long Live The Angels.PNG‘Long Live The Angels’ sees the British singer-songwriter embrace her Zambian roots as her talented voice shines bright on another 18 new tracks. The album feels more mature than her last, albeit slightly less cohesive.  It isn’t afraid to venture outside of familiar formulas and sounds to provide a more unique experience for the listener, but that does mean that the occasional song falls flat…read more


Glory Days

Little Mix - Glory Days.PNGOnly two girl groups in the last few decades have had more than 4 albums and their chemistry pales in comparison to these four young women. Within days of Little Mix winning the X Factor, the media were already talking about Perrie going solo and the group not lasting, but look at them now.  After five years in the music industry the girls are stronger than ever and show no sign of stopping anytime soon…read more


Kylie Christmas

Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas.PNGKylie Minogue and Christmas go together like salt and pepper so it’s a big surprise that last year was the Australian singer’s first major foray into the seasonal music market. The reception to the original release of the album was extremely mixed with many critics slating the covers because they failed to bring anything new to the genre, although they were largely complimentary towards it’s original material…read more


The Waiting Game

Una Healy - The Waiting Game.PNGThe singer’s first solo release sees her stray slightly from the mainstream pop sound of her old girl band for one that’s more rooted in folk and country, something not commonly found in the UK music scene. While Una’s debut album may not rival the likes of Adele and Emeli Sande, it’s still one of the strongest solo efforts to have come from someone who rose to fame as part of a music group…read more


Under Stars

Amy Macdonald - Under Stars.PNGIt’s been almost five years now since Scottish songstress Amy Macdonald released her UK top 5 album, Life in a Beautiful Light,  but ultimately, that decision to spend more time working on new music has paid off. The album boasts a mixture of genres that work repeatedly to show off not only the singer’s gorgeous voice, but also her strong artistry and capabilities as a lyricist…read more

Stars (3.5)


Everyday Is Christmas

Sia - Everyday Is ChristmasOf all the people you’d expect to see release a Christmas album, Sia is probably not someone that would immediately spring to mind. She’s been critically acclaimed for her songwriting and unique performance style, so the campy territory of Christmas music might not seem like the best fit. However, with a collection made up of entirely original songs, Everyday Is Christmas is packed full of the bizareness, balladry and bounce synonymous with Christmas music…read more

Stars (3)

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